Professional Snow Machine

If you need to hire a professional snow machine and only the best product will suffice then take a look at our artificial snow machines. We also stock a range of snow fluids to purchase and fake paper snow for ground covering.

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Are you looking for a snow machine for hire? The models we stock are the same as used on feature films and theatre productions. These are handmade in the UK and the best quality professional snow machines available on the market, not to be confused with the cheap “budget DJ” types.

You can use our snow machines for hire both indoor and outdoor so they are a flexible option no matter what type of event you are putting on. From the red carpet arrival for a corporate event to set the Christmas wonderland theme, to blowing out over the entrance at a premier football club to greet fans we can provide very flexible options.

Snow Machine Fluid

The liquid used with the machine is purchased separately and allows you to set the projection as well as density of flake from a lite dusting to a full-on blizzard. There are no harmful things in it and it is fabric safe as well to meet health and safety requirements.

We stock 5L and 60L vats of snow fluid to purchase. This snow fluid has been specifically designed for our professional  machines and is the only fluid that can be used with them.

Artificial Ground Covering Snow

If you also want to have a permanent ground covering we can provide “snow sheets” along with paper snow which will give you the freshly settled snow effect on the ground. This is great for indoor use or were there is a limited time and budget for an event.

On-Site Snow Technician

If you don’t want to operate the mchine or you would like it set up and taken down for you then we have technicians available to assist you. Please speak to our sales team to get a cost for this service.

Christmas Karaoke

Have a look at the Christmas Karaoke packages that we offer. When you have downtime from work and are spending a relaxing time with family our Christmas packages are specially designed for the length of hire over the Christmas period.  It’s a great way to have entertainment that everyone in the family can get involved in.

So if you need outdoor snow machine hire then get in touch and we’ll talk you through the options of our turbo snow machine hire.

Professional Snow Machine Hire Video

This video was created by the manufacturer to show the output of the SnowBoy Stage Whisper which is the professional snow machine we have in stock to hire.

Snow Machine FAQ

There are many factors to take into consideration when calculating how long snow machine snow lasts for.

The first is the type fo fluid being used. A good premium fluid should give you a nice ground covering and then gradually dissolve over approximately 10 minutes. A cheap inferior liquid can have differing effects depending on what material it has landed on,  for instance cloth versus tarmac.

Budget machines will normally only have one setting which is on/off and midrange cost machines will generally provide you with a fan adjustment option. This will also have an effect on the ground coverage as the larger the ground area covered the less time it will take to dissolve.

When using a professional snow machine like ours, you have full control of both the flake size, fan output as well as the location of the output funnel. This means that you can tweak the system to your exact needs and in turn the time the snow machine snow lasts for.

There are two types of snow machine which are very different from each other.

The “real” snow machines you find on a ski slope will make artificial but “real” snow as they take water and freeze it instantly as it exits the nozzle which in turn then creates the snow that falls on the slope.

The “fake” snow machines that you would use at an event and can hire from places such as London Karaoke Hire are infact machines that take a fluid and pass it through a pump to crete a foam type snow which is then projected into the air through the use of a fan. This fake snow will then disolve over a priod of time.

Snow machines in general can be messy. The cheap machines with budget fluids can leave residue as well as sometimes stain certain fabrics.

The profesinal machines such as the one available on this page will leave the minimal amount of trace.

It is generally agreed that the brand of professional snow machine that we hire are the best in the industry.

These machines cost many thousands of pounds to purchase and need regular maintenance to keep them in perfect working order much like an F1 car. They are a professaional grade machine and would be classed as the super car of snow machines.

There is a reason that film and production companies hire snow machines from us and it is because they are the best on the market.

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Hire FAQ

How do I request a quote?

You can request a quote from us by either calling 020 3333 4444, completing the contact form here or you can add products to your quote request cart and submit that way.

How old must I be to hire?

You must be 18 years old to hire. If you are not 18 then we are able to put a booking under a guarantor who will need to provide the correct identification.

How long does a hire last for?

A normal hire period is 24 hours. You can hire for as long as you require and the longer you hire, the better deal we can provide.

What ID do I need for a personal hire?

For a personal hire we require a passport as well as 2 utility bills dated within the last 3 months.

What ID do I need for a business hire?