Karaoke Machine Review and Comparison

There are many different types of Karaoke machine now available in 2023 ranging from KTV to CD players and laptops with karaoke software as well as stand alone microphones.

Each technology fits a different budget and requirement. We have hand picked a selection of these systems and provided a  side by side comparison of features.

Our karaoke machine hire is truly unique in that we build our machines in house and no other provider can offer the same solution.

We have added these into the comparisons  to also highlight the technology they offer.

Karaoke kiosk corner

The Spotify of karaoke

Yes that’s right. If you know how to use Spotify then you will will be able to use our systems.

To access the 90,000 tracks we have on our database we provide a very simple to use app.

You can search by artist, song title, genre or language.

The great thing about our machines is that they also link into a free smart phone app so the people at your karaoke party can search and request songs directly from their own device.

We also provide Spotify for you to log into with your own personal account if you want to play your playlists in between karaoke singing.

KTV, CD Players & Laptop Computers

We’ve been supplying karaoke systems for over 15 years and have tested everything on the market.

From directly importing KTV from China to Windows based PC’s with software.

These types of systems just don’t cut the mustard.

We have gone through the pain of using these systems, extensively testing them through the rigors required and can hand on heart say that they are more “toys” than professional systems.


Karaoke KTV machine system

KTV Systems

Karaoke laptop system

Karaoke Computers

Karaoke CD player

Karaoke CD's

Karaoke Microphone

  • Feature Comparison
  • Total Songs
  • iOS App
  • Android App
  • Touch Screen Control
  • Pitch Control
  • WiFi Streaming
  • Bluetooth
  • Languages
  • Genres and Themes
  • Custom Branding
  • Kiosk Branding
  • Lyric Screen Adverts
  • Playback and Recording
  • Spotify Playback*
  • Play External Source
  • Record Externally
  • Microphones
  • Budget Microphones
  • Premium Microphones
  • Wireless Microphones
  • Microphone Upgrades
  • Additional Microphones
  • Audio Output
  • Internal Sound
  • Budget Sound
  • QSC Premium Sound
  • Martin Audio Pro Sound
  • Video Output
  • Low Definition Video
  • High Definition Video
  • 32" HD Screen
  • 55" HD Screen
  • Projector
  • Video Wall

Karaoke Kiosk

  • Our Systems
  • 90,000 +
  • Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish
  • 12 +

Karaoke KTV machine system

  • KTV System
  • 20,000 +
  • Only System Tablet
  • English, Chinese
  • 6

Karaoke laptop system

  • Computer
  • 5,000 +
  • Depends on Hardware
  • Depends on Software
  • Depends on Software
  • Depends on Software
  • Depends on Software

Karaoke CD player

  • CD System
  • Up to 20 Per CD
  • Depends on CD Played
  • Depends on CD Played

Karaoke all in one microphone

  • All In One Mic
  • 3
  • English
About London Karaoke Hire - Chrome Shure KSM8 microphone

Professional premium equipment

London Karaoke Hire only use the best equipment. That means as standard you get the same pro level kit such as microphones (Shure SM58) that world renowned artists like Roger Daltry, Mumford & Sons etc use.

Our sister company works with major international touring artists, so we know what the pros use as we supply them. This is the exact same kit we will provide to you without any compromise.

Another example is the cabling we stock being feature film production quality to make sure that we can pass the best audio and video signals. You won’t find an HDMI cable in sight.

Come and demo our systems

When all said and done, the ultimate way to get a real feel for how good our systems are, is by visiting our HQ in Crouch End N8 and taking it for a spin.

We can talk you through each part and show you hands on, how each part works, whilst answering any questions you have.

Our coffee machine is always ready to go so we can whip you up a perfect cuppa whilst we give you the run down.

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