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Looking for a local karaoke supplier that can provide a simple karaoke package of equipment with streamed karaoke tracks? Our Karaoke in a Box system is the product for you. Simple to transport and set up for solo and duet karaoke parties.

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Our Karaoke In A Box is a base system for when you want a small-footprint karaoke machine set up and already have a screen to use.

Professional Karaoke For Your Budget

Karaoke In A Box was created to provide a simple set-up and give you the essentials for a karaoke party. All you need to hook it up is a screen and wifi.

To give the maximum value for money, we provide the system in a desktop kiosk without some of the additional equipment that comes in our Bronze, Silver and Gold packages.

What’s Included In This Karaoke Package

Aside from the desktop karaoke kiosk machine, it comes with a small mixer, single powered speaker and two microphones.

Although it may be small, it still gives you access to our 90,000 high-quality, fully licensed karaoke tracks.

As you would expect from all our professional karaoke systems, this comes with a premium QSC speaker and our top-quality Shure microphones.

Portable Karaoke System

Because this system doesn’t come with a screen, it means that it is a lot more portable. You will get 2 cases and the speaker. All will fit neatly in a car boot and is very lightweight so ultra-portable to travel with.

Wifi & Limitations

As with all London Karaoke Hire professional karaoke systems, you will need a good quality internet connection with Wifi to stream our tracks and search our database.

Also, as this particular system is HDMI based, it will only support the karaoke kiosk within a 5m maximum distance of the screen. If you need the system to be further away from your screen, then you will need to upgrade to one of our SDI systems which are in the Bronze, Silver and Gold packages.

We operate fully licensed high-quality tracks. Some record labels do not license their artists’ tracks for use on Karaoke systems. We can provide you with a list of these artists upon request. Unfortunately, this is a worldwide blanket license issue, and there is nothing we can do to get legally licensed versions of these songs until the record labels change their stance. Rest assured, though, with the 90,000 tracks we do have, there is something for everyone.

Please do get in touch by calling us on 020 3333 4444 or submitting a request on our contact page.

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